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I was pondering this morning. I had the opportunity to return to full time education in September, but I won't be. Setting a side the financial implications of it, I chose not to. Why not, because I wasn't really ready to leave Hamish, I know he'll be 10 months old, but he is only now starting to get interesting- I'll be truthful here, the first 6 months, not only are very hard work, but they are bloody boring.

However, if in September, I had been offered my dream job, land management for nature conservation purposes (with half an hour or less journey time), then it may have been a different story.  So I will continue doing OU stuff and staying at home with the baby (plus all the voluntary work I do) until I can get my dream job or Hamish is in school (lets face it if he is out of the house everyday, there is no reason why I can't be).

Don't worry, photos will return soon.


At 6:13 am , Blogger notquiteginger said...

I fully agree with the "dull for the first 6 months" thing. It's one of the tough elements I think about returning from maternity leave is that people have to go back to work just as the baby is getting interesting. We're lucky, in a sense, that not having jobs takes away that pressure! (shame we can't win the lottery too though....)


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