I am just about to turn 35, in 1993 I was about to turn 10. I was living in Walton, Liverpool, where I had been born and brought up. Something happened at a local shopping centre, I little boy was coerced away from his mum (although questions abound about what she was doing at the time). Shockingly the people who were doing the coercing were also two little boys although much older (10 years old). What happened next was horrible, the little boy was "murdered" by the two older boys. These are the facts.

As the British society I feel we have failed all three of these children. The littlest one's failure is fairly obvious, he lost his life that day. How we failed the other two is less obvious, but I feel a catalogue of missed opportunities meant they had home environments which were not conducive of a safe, moral up bringing. Where were social services, health visitors, doctors, teachers? Why were missed school days gone unnoticed? Why were signs of neglect not followed up on? Theses 10 year olds seemed to have been caring for younger siblings, no 10 year old should have that burden.

What happened next I feel (and I myself was only 10 at the time and remember it all. Along with going to place flowers at Anfield after the Hillsborough disaster it is frozen into my mind as a time of great distress). Is the greatest injustice in British legal history. Why did the two boys loose their legal anonymity? Why was the criminal age of responsibility changed? In the UK, we are not responsible enough to vote till 18, we can't smoke or play the lottery. We can't have sex till we are 16, we can get married at 16 if we have our parents permission. So, what made it right to try these 10/11 year olds as adults?

I'm afraid I have no answers. Rehabilitation doesn't seem to be working before one of these boys. Maybe allowing them to have a "proper childhood" would have been more effective.


How to solve the housing crisis?!

Will the Chancellor scrapping stamp duty on properties under £300k really help? I don't know.

As a recent BBC investigation showed, there are marked differences between property prices around the country, especially when inflation is taken into account, with some places having real terms decreases in housing costs. There are also places in the UK that have housing surplus, houses lying empty.

First things first,hhe Government needs to invest in the housing stock of the country. I realise that money is currently spread thin due to austerity,  but that is not something I agree with.

So, I would move parliament out of London. The existing parliament can become a museum or wedding venue. I would suggest Leeds area would be central enough.  I would also move the department's associated with government to the city surrounding. Somewhere where is surplus housing stock.

Next, second homes. These would be complusary purchased ordered for the average house price of the area. These houses will be passed to the local housing association. If the previous owners used their second home for more than 45% of the year, they can rent it back for full market rate and money used to build new ones. Otherwise it will be rented out in the usual housing association way.

Finally, any land owned by the nation (county or district councils etc) will be given to housing associations who will have to build on the site within two years, 50% for rent 50% to sell to people who have "local connections" any profits made will have to be reinvested in new housing and maintaining the existing stock.

And here by ends my sermon


The End of a Friendship

Since summer holidays 2016, I've felt more and more left out of your friendship group. We weren't invited along on summer holiday outings with the rest of the group, H and M not getting to play with their two friends. Once school started, I would stand in the playground next to you hearing you making plans for coffee after drop off, but the invitation would never be stretched my way. I have thought about using the schools wrap around care just so I don't have to be in the playground, over hear these plans and then be upset for the day for having been looked over.

Before the school summer holidays this year I made an effort to reconnect, having been in physcotherapy since before W came along, I hatched a plan with my therapist, invite your group round to mine regularly for coffee, but it seemed to make no difference.

Messaging you directly and always being told you're busy this day or that, but no alternative suggestions were made. My heart was sinking fast.

You're birthday non-invite was the straw that broke the camel's back, why should I be making all the effort, you didn't seem to want to be my friend any longer. So I decided, for the sake of my mental health, it would be best for me to stop trying and therefore stop being friends. I have deleted you and have taken the pressure off me.

I am sorry you're now having anxiety attacks in the playground. That's not my fault, that's your guilt. I am just going to keep to myself. You have your little gang to protect you, I will stand as far away as possible.

I feel sorry for our mutual friends, but I'm not asking them to take sides. I really hope you don't either.


September 2012

Hamish found the very old trampoline in out garden.

August 2012

Hamish and Tim playing with the computer :-)



Cropped version of group photo we had taken with all the other NCT babies (unfortunately it had me in too).


This is not a photo- jobs and careers

I was pondering this morning. I had the opportunity to return to full time education in September, but I won't be. Setting a side the financial implications of it, I chose not to. Why not, because I wasn't really ready to leave Hamish, I know he'll be 10 months old, but he is only now starting to get interesting- I'll be truthful here, the first 6 months, not only are very hard work, but they are bloody boring.

However, if in September, I had been offered my dream job, land management for nature conservation purposes (with half an hour or less journey time), then it may have been a different story.  So I will continue doing OU stuff and staying at home with the baby (plus all the voluntary work I do) until I can get my dream job or Hamish is in school (lets face it if he is out of the house everyday, there is no reason why I can't be).

Don't worry, photos will return soon.


June 2012

Camera, that's interesting.

May 2012

SAGGA boxes- very interesting.

April 2012

Watching the IPL.

March 2012

Meeting cousins.

February 2012

Meeting friends.

January 2012

The excitement of the play arch.

December 2011

Afternoon nap at Granny and Granddad's.

November 2011

Meeting Uncle Malcy.

October 2011

Cuddles with Daddy.