So I have been back from camp for a week. All the washing has been done, boys have headed off on their second holiday with their mum, I have started some job applications and have started to finish my dress (the skirt is tacked together, just need to do cartridge pleats and machine sewing). I have also caught up with the lovely Liz who has returned from travels and been a shoulder to cry on.

I spotted on Amazon this week the Buffy box set at a very reasonable price, however, I am very proud of myself for donating the money to DEC instead! I must be becoming a sensible grown up.

It was lovely to see Tim after nearly three weeks but unfortunately I had to share him. I have been reading a Chinese medicine book since I have been back and I am tired and stuck. After hearing positive things about acupuncture, I am going to give it a try (well anything that helps PMT must be a good thing).

Tim and I are thinking about going away over the bank holiday weekend, does anyone have any suggestions?


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