A couple of weeks ago, I made my promise as a District Commissioner. I thought that would be it for a while, a nice easy path of meeting up with my mentor and getting to know my new role. Well this was not to be.

Last Thursday, I got told I had an AGM to organise, ok you may think, thats easy. Well it is but it is in two weeks time. I have to get invites out to everybody (and not manage to offend anyone in the meantime).

So one job to do so far. On Sunday, task number two arrived. When I got home (very wet and cold) from my Drystone Walling Course, I had a letter of resignation waiting for me from our Ranger leader. This was due to the constant interference and undermining being carried out by the neighbouring guide leader who had hoped to become Ranger Leader (but as she has a role at County as well as being a leader in three different units it was thought that it wouldn't be appropriate). So I am having to learn to be diplomatic. Which is a challenge.


At 10:16 pm , Blogger Mad said...

That is not good news. Good luck with the tact-learning (I never mastered it, so am full of admiration!) Mxx


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