I have just spent two weeks in Essex for my summer holiday. However, it wasn't very restful. I spent my time as a member of the Offsite Service Team for the 21st World Scout Jamboree. This not only involved working with Scouts who didn't have the biggest grasp of the English language (but also the Americans) but SAGGA members who don't usually come to camp. I think it was agreed that I really did draw the short straw of people who where on my team (4 days with a certain couple!).

Now I am sat hiding from the sun. All the washing has been done, it only took two days. and the house needs tidying.

I'm back to work on Tuesday and luckily foot and mouth hasn't spread.

This morning Tim gave me a very nice hair cut (all my split ends have gone) although I am still looking very blonde.

I've got some preparation for guides to do, sheeting to cut up and sew for kneckers and a folder to create for my campers licence.


At 9:39 am , Blogger Simon said...

R&P? I think I was your locum.
I lost my penknife at 8 ash green.

At 7:57 pm , Blogger Amy said...

They would be the two.

I have lost my work jumper... I don't know where though

At 10:15 am , Anonymous Caz said...

Somewhere there will be a box with my craft scissors, the postcard Charlotte sent SAGGA, Si's penknife and your work jumper.

Well done on the survival. I had a day @writtle, its a good job I've homed the open plan office working skills and can drown out noise to concentrate .... as I was driving. I think we had most of the journey home with one voice. But can you beat my random conversation item on the catenary wires (ie overhead train power cables) and their mathematics ... hmm could 'colourful mathematics' be its companion?


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