So I have on my first hen weekend. What are my thoughts... Well, I am not really a hanging around with lots of other women sort of person, I am infact very intimidated by lots of them. Other difficult thing was that out of 18 of us 16 were christians with a capital C. I don't mind people being religious, but when it is in your face and seems to be the number one topic of conversation (appart from which celebrity is doing what etc) I find it extremly difficult. I do not put forward my humanist views all the time... So in conclusion I don't think hen weekends are for me. If I ever need to have one, I think that it will mainly be men at mine. Or infact I will not be having a hen what ever thing...


At 9:42 am , Anonymous Caz said...

I suspect if I ever end up having a hen night .. it will involve a fire, a campsite, some drink, lots of food, a late night and probably some male friends (who will have to be honary women for the night!). I suspect we won't have any religion talk ... I have my own beliefs and a way I believe my faith, but I do not think I should make others believe as I do and I don't want others ramming their faith & beliefs down my throat, without respecting my views.
Oh and I survived County Day intact... now that's scary, Guider trainings .. all those women (some of the worst views over a woman being an engineer have come from UK guiding events!!). Canada was refreshing, as although we were all women, we weren't girly guiders (being lots of Engineers and Scientists) who all annoy us in the end!

At 7:40 pm , Blogger Em said...

I do not want mine like that, that sounds scary.


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