This weekend I've been to Dundee, danced every dance at the Music Society Ball, spent £64 in fopp (genius shop that it is, 3 Bjork, 1 Beth Orton, 1 Natasha Beddingfield, 2 Specials, 1 SFA, 1 Alanis (I will defo be investing in a new and larger CD rack) plus Napolian Dynomite and Animal Farm on DVD). The I went to Edinburgh and stayed with Eric and Gillian in their wee flat, which is nice, they are funny, definately have married couple tendancies. We went to see Syriana, which is an alright film, very political. It made me not like America even more than I did already. State assassination is not alright.

I am sure there was something else I wanted to say but I have forgot.


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