For those of you who don't know, I am no longer a single gal!

I have been home for the weekend. Its nice to be in Liverpool. Saw some friends ate, went to mothercare (not for me, don't worry), went and watch Pride and Prejudice, which I might have to see another few times before I can make a proper opinion of.

Startling discovery of the w/e is that my cat Howard has got fat. When there were two of them, she always ate less coz her brother was a bully, now though she can eat all she wants. Other thing is that now she doesn't have a buddy she doesn't go outside very much (she is scary cat). Eric said that she has to squeeze through the cat flap! When I am on the right computer I will post a picture of Fattie Howard as she is now known!


At 4:30 pm , Anonymous Tim Haseler said...

Perhaps Howard is eating for two (or more), can you get things for cats at mothercare?

At 5:06 pm , Blogger Amy said...

If Howard is eating for two (or more) then the vet has done a crap job a neutering her!

At 6:46 pm , Blogger Em said...

Congratulations Amy!!


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