OK here goes.

I'm just about to finish my fifth week of work. I would say I am having great fun but that would be lying. It is still very tedious as I make my way through planning policy document after planning policy document.

I am now settled and living with Anna in a two bed mid terrace. It's a bit smaller than the Dundee flat but I will survive.

Just come back from a week of SAGGA camp which was fantastic fun although I am still knackered from too many late nights and early mornings (all Tim's fault!)

Here are some photos for you to laugh at.... (these are from my phone, more to come when I develop films)

Your Ideal Relationship is Casual Dating

Maybe you're looking for love...
But mostly you're looking for fun.
You could get serious with the right person.
For now, though, you're enjoying playing the field.
What's Your Ideal Relationship?


At 7:51 pm , Anonymous Em said...

I like the pictures Amy! Good luck with the Wedding plans...keep me informed! :)

At 8:44 am , Blogger Amy said...

Hey Em... Thats enough of wedding talk ;)

Whats your email address, if you use the little box over in the corner to let me know (no one esle will know) that would be great!


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