George Bush cuts short his holiday to coordinate the releif effort... I think I would rather have an alcoholic organise a piss up in a brewery! Although the situation isn't funny (people dying etc) I do find the fact that marshell law has been imposed because of looting very funny. Is that the act of people living in the free world? surely that is more 3rd world type behaviour. I suppose that there are lots of "have nots" in the US who are taking up the opportunity to become "haves"!

Another bit of world news which has got lost because of Katerina is Zimbabwe. The dictatorship of Mugabe is becoming greater... Why is the world watching and not doing anything? Yeap we have interfered in the wrong place in recent history (Mainly the US trying to topple people they don't like and mainly communists!). Are we going to let Mugabe keep going? Read the BBC story here

So what else is happening with me you wonder. Work is still dull, I think I have something on the Suffolk Country Council Website though... (can't find it though)!

I still haven't managed to spend a whole weekend in Ipswich. Must try that somepoint soon ;-)


At 8:37 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scandalous that in the last five years the life expectancy has fallen to just over 30, and continuing to fall. Now if he had oil, Blair and Bush would have been there years ago.


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