Last night, Eric compained that I didn't post very much anymore. I said it was coz I had nothing to say...

Well yesterday I had an interview in Ipswich and I think that it went well. I will find out on Wednesday.

Michael Jackson found not guilty on all charges... UNBELEIVABLE!

Been in Liverpool this w/e and its been fun. I have been motorway driving, over to Saltaire, to see a final year art show (I know one of the artists). I am heading back to Dundee on Wednesday moring so that I can play cricket :) I think that I am approaching obssession.

I am "officially" moving out of my flat on 27th of June and back to Liverpool. I still haven't worked out how all my junk will be getting back, I think I have too much for even me mum's car.

Big family news of the moment is that our Malc is having surgery to sort out his knee, and coz he did it while at work (football, he was a registered player) he gets it free including 3 weeks in a residential physio and recouporation place (all in France BTW).


At 10:26 am , Anonymous Biscit said...

Eric do you have a blog?

Must admit Amy, that if my family are aware of my blog, they don't say anything about it, let alone complain about what I post.

At 6:31 pm , Blogger Andy said...


I think that my family considers that blogging is a pointless pursuit, and therefore do not view what I write, thank goodness.

No complaints on that front!

Hope you are well,

See you soon?



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