Tis a funny old game
You may think that I am talking about Football, but I am not, I am refering to Cricket. Today the University of Dundee played the University of St Andrews (who are mostly English and mostly POSH). St Andrews won by 9 wickets. We were 12 all out (off about 12 overs) and they were 13 for 1 (off about 4 overs). Och Well is all you can say really. Apparently the pitch was crap.


At 6:56 pm , Blogger James said...

The pitch was crap, the wind was in the wrong direction, the sight screen was the wrong shade of white, the opposition were sledging etc etc etc. I love excuses for being crap at cricket! Any tips for getting rid of the soreness? It's amazing how doing something fun makes you sore...


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