The past two weeks have been a little weird (at least in side my head they have), hopefully everything is back on track and I can return to some sort normality (well normal for me anyhow).

Over the past year there as been a quiet revolutions occuring in the world of trains. Firstly is the upgrading of the on train ticket machines (which the guards use) to new fandabulus ones which apparently can issue over 200 different types of tickets (according to rail magazine (yes that is a bit sad for me to have read it but I can't help my brother and father having such things)). The second and most annoying thing is that rail companies (not all of them yet) have introduced a rule saying that if get on a train with out a ticket (for what ever reason) and you have to buy a ticket from the guard, you can no longer use your rail card (of any sort) and have to buy a full price ticket, it goes further, you can't even buy a "saver return" (the sort that you have a month to use) you have to buy an "open return", so say if I was traveling from Dundee to Liverpool and got on a train with out a ticket, I would have to buy a ticket for GBP 105.50 rather than the next cheapest which is GBP 81.50. The saver return with a YP railcard only costs me GBP 45.50... This ploy by rail companies to make more money might just back fire on them. They are likely to lose the walk on market, the people who aren't organised enough in advance to buy a ticket and don't turn up at a station in time to buy a ticket.

I'm glad I got that off me chest. Next rant will be the regeneration of Toxteth in Liverpool (I am sure Micheal Hesteltine was supposed to have dealt with that in the 80's...)


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