Sorry if some of this is old news (only just finding time to blog)

Everton are through to the 5th round of the FA Cup after beating Sunderland 3-0. However, the Toffies have been drawn against Manchester United in the 5th round. The only positive thing about the draw is that it is at Goodison Park (Rooney's return, the match will be getting shown by the Beeb). Last night, Everton beat Norwich in the premiership to stay 7 points ahead of the Copites (LFC).

If I am well (and have found some money) I will be attempting to play 5 aside footie with the lads from cricket. This is part of our new training program, and team work strategy. Next week we are going bowling :)

Also on the cricket front, who watched or listened to the final over of last night ODI against SA? You can see the full score card here. It was one of the most exciting final overs I have ever listen to.

We are currently trying to organise a 24hr cricket match... It is hard work. Anyone want to sponser me?

I would like to revise my review of Closer. Yes it was a really good film and Clive Owen is a fantastic actor but, all the characters in it are nasty, truely horrible. I really hope I never come across such people. Apparently in the play, one of the characters dies at the end, this doesn't happen in the film and I think it should have coz it would have made a much better ending (I don't know which one but I think it wouldn't matter anyway). Not been to see a film since Closer as nothing really has taken my fancy. I really wanted to see Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon as Becky Sharpe, however it disapeared out of Dundee Cinemas after only a week or two.

Student Behaviour
I went out with my flat mate on Saturday night to meet up with a few friends (that didn't happen and is a complete other story). Dundee night clubs have this thing that if you get into the club before midnight, you can use your student card and get a reduced rate. However due to a huge cue, we didn't get into the club till gone midnight and had to pay the full price of £7 which is outrageous. Once in the club Charlene and I were astonished to be charged £5.60 for two bottles of Bud. That is like London prices... I only wanted the two bottles not the whole brewery.

I am watching a lot of TV. 4 hours a week is given over to ER, Desprite House Wives, One Tree Hill and The OC. On top of this I am also watching Neighbours, Home and Away and Holyoaks most days. This is a silly ammount of TV I think. I must try better.


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