"The singer out of slipnot went to Rome to see the Pope..."

It has been on okay week, I still have a cold, but thats neit Weher here or there. Managed to finish an essay or atleast get it to my proof reader. This was the 3,000 word one so now I just have the 4,000 word one.

Went bowling on Wednesday, it was fun, only 7 people came and for once in my life I didn't come last. We ended up in the union drinking (I am still not appriciating the renovated union, too much like poncy wine bar for my liking).

It was by birthday yesterday (I am now 22, thats like properly grown up). We had a party in the flat last night (although it wasn't a birthday party). It was a good party although a little disapointing, only 2 of the people I invited turned up (as always). Achh Well as we say up north. I am now lying in bed watching friends and typing, how decitant of me :)


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