The end is nigh
Today, I took a step closer to the end of my degree. I handed in my dissertation, all 67 pages plus appendices. I also got my mark back for my loch Tay field trip, which despite not converting metres into hectares and not doing the right stats and not doing a big enough literature review, I managed to get 63% (2:1 here I come). So now as long as all my marks stay above 60% I am happy.

Christmas is coming
I have started my christmas shopping, I had forgotten how hard it was. This year I am trying to do it on a budget, I have £100 to get everyones presents (there are 11 definates on the list). However, I had been picking up bits and peices for people for a few weeks now and so have already spent about £30.

Last night in cricket we played hand hockey, a fun game which uses similar rules to netball but which always ends up in a fight as some of the club are very very competative... After an hour of cricket I went to Choir, we did our christmas carols and started the peices we are doing next semester, Karl Jenkins' The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace which is excellent (and easy).

I am going to tidy my room in preparation for me mum coming to stay, start my revision and do some more job applications this afternoon. Tomorrow evening is the Cricket Club Christmas Night out starting for a meal in the local whetherspoons and then onwards and upwards.


At 4:47 pm , Blogger Mad said...

We did The Armed Man at school a couple of years ago... I've got it on CD if you'd like to borrow it?


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