This weekend has been an effort at avoiding work. I spent the entire of saturday in my PJs (admitadly with 4 jumpers over the top), a watched childrens Saturday morning TV, very amusing it was too and then i just arsed about all afternoon. Made nice curry though (mushrooms and blacked beans). Sunday I also arsed about but I did some work and I had a concert. We was singing some requium by Durfle of someone it would have been better if we weren't crap but we can't have everything. There were only about 20 people in the audience which is really bad.

Today I got more of the dissertation back of my proof reader. It is going okay and I am going to deal with the corrections tomorrow. I am also trying to fill in application forms. It is so not fun "describe your personalitiy" what sort of a question is that... Anyone who can help me with this let me know and in return I will send a mars bar to the winning entry. One equal oppertunties form I have had to fill in asked be about my sexual orientation... Weird!

We had a guest lecturer from ST Andrews today and he was very good (and no he wasn't good looking for those who may think I just say such thing about sexy men, although I was sat at the back so I couldn't really focus him).


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