One week gone, lots more to go.

First cricket training last night, had lots of people there, some I might even say were hansom. I am very sore today, I was made to run about and catch balls...

Got 3,00ish words for my thesis (I can't spell the other word so I have changed the title) and so I only need 7,000ish words to go. I had a studies skills lesson today to talk about how I am doing with my field trip project, the importance of "white or blue space" was high lighted. Although I do think it is a waste of paper.

Tonight Mathew, I am mainly going to be... Trying to analyise ANOVA results. Stats are the least exciting part of Environmental Science. But I can't write reports with out them.

Apparently, my singing abilities (or lack of depending who you talk to) keep coming up amungst the Life Sciences staff, I seem to have a fan club. This I think is the most strange/scary thing that has happened to me.

Baby blogs are the next big thing. The mother or father of a child keeps a blog of what their offspring are doing. According to the Guardian, it is not just relatives who read the blog and that some of them have developed cult status.


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