I read something interesting yesterday:
In 1951 the average womens waist size was 27.5 inches, now it is 34 inches.
In 1951 the average womens hip size was 38.9 inches, now it is 40.4 inches.
In 1951 the average womens bust size was 37 inches, now it is 38.5 inches.

Anyones whoes maths is better than mine can work out that hip and bust sizes have only increased by 1.5 inches while waist size has increased by a wopping 6.5 inches. Women are therefore no longer hour glass firgures but seem to be bearing a much closer resemblence to the ratios of men. Did you know when Queen Victoria died, her measurements were 40" 40" 40" and as she was bearly 5 foot tall, it is something to think about.

Another shocker from the same source is that the average cup size is now FF...


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