Back in Liverpool now. Camp (nine acres memoriable site, Fife)  in Scotland was wet for two days (very) and then hot for two days (but not enough to deter the midgies). We rebuilt a river bank, did some painting and cleaned out an outdoor swimming pool. We had a successful campfire on Saturday night (judged by the fact that Robert was singing one of the songs two days later).

Earned lots of money in Aberdeen, painted lots of fence, emtpied and cleaned out a whole set of kitchen cupboards and steam cleaned a living room. I also had a go sea kayaking (not my thing), went swimming in a heated sea water pool (which was much saltier than the real sea), brought some tartan material to make a mini skirt with (not my tartan coz that was GBP49 a metre) and learnt alot about how the "better half" of my family worked...


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