Just come back form a feild trip with my Ecology and Conservation CLass at Loch Tay in a Christian Feild study centre.

The food was interesting. Breakfast was a good selection (but no porridge) and lunch as packed lunches with usually 2 choices of sandwich fillings cakes (they made gooooood cake) and chrips. Dinner on the other had was... interesting, I had cheese sauce with vergetables, pizza, fish & Chips (that was a meal out), Vegi burgers and vegi kababs, Fish & chips (that was also a meal out), some sort of mushroom stroganoff and mushroom pasta bake. I was having major cravings for protein at one point and so I have put on all the weight I had managed to loose by doing lots of snacking.

My tutor for the week for a short crazy northern irish man who is an insulin dependent alcoholic stonner and I think he may have ADHD. Can you imagine that combination? We travelled across Scotland to look at caledonian pine forest (one day it was a 9 hour round trip for 2 hours of feild work). We did quadrats and deer dung transects.

On one of the days, our group borrowed some tapes from Rob (who got his PhD last year) who was assisting one one of the other groups. Because his tape collection was sooooo impressive, I asked if he wanted to marry me and he said he would. This was all a bit of a joke which got carried away by my friends.....

There were some right K**bs on the trip though. One lad was really annoying and so some of the others thought it a good idea to feed him 12 laxitives in chocolates. You can imagine the result! I brought some water ballons (to trow at the k**bs) and tried to fill them up with left over pea soup, didnt really work and we never used them so we left them for the centre staff to play with.

We went to visit the cave in Monti Pythons Holly Grail (where the giant rabbit lives). Which was exciting.

One of the comtinuing themes of the week was how nice "healthy" men look in wet suits when the top half is folded down and their primal streek is exposed to the world. We were hoping to get a calander or just photos of this but it never worked out. It was also decided that men in climbing harnesses are equally as sexy. We spent the week taking pictures of catolog poshes, I think I have a whole films worth.

The Saturday of the trip was set aside to climb Glen Lawers. I didn't make it to the top (I went down with a girl who was having a panick attack) and I am suprised that the rest of the group did as the rain was horizontal and visiblility was very poor.


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