I went on a field trip yesterday to look at some birds but they had all go coz it was soooooo cold ;-) Oh well.

Last night was the sports unions AGM. There has been some trouble over the past few weeks regarding constitutions and stuff like that and it all came to a head last night when it turned out the the constitution written in 1998 had never been accepted by the Universities governing bodies and so didn't count. There were some very angry and pissed off people last night people last. I help to stir the situation up by asking a very simple question "would person X who was standing for president consider banning clubs from having initiation ceromonies as they shouldn't be relevent in this age of equall oppertunities?" avid readers of the national press may recall that a student at Dundee Uni was reported to have stolen a car as part of the rugby clubs initiation. Person X is the president of the rugby club, he replied "no, I think it is up to the clubs to decide and that it is a good bonding exercise." So I said "surely a good social evening is just a good a way of getting to know each other and that as many nation organisations and associations have band initiations and the it is the predident of the SUs job to protect the university and the SU from bad publisity." His reply was "well I will take it to the clubs council and they can vote on it." It was so funny, the back tracking that this bloke did... If I am not careful I will get a reputaion like my dad fo causing trouble. Today I went into the SU office and got congratulated by five people on how good a question I asked and how I didn't just take his first answer and be done with it.... Yey for Amy.

Got a another one of the princess diaries books, this one was how to be a princess. The bit about dating was most amusing, will find some time to put it on here.


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