Getting to know Amy:
What was the last phone call you received? Me mum and Dad
What are you doing online at the moment? Trying to research my dissertation
What were the last three things you consumed that contained sugar?
1. Milk
2. Honey
3. Rasins
Weird achievement of the day? Light falling off my bike on the Nethergate and a kind pedestrain picking it up for me
Last thing you put on your face? hot flannel
Last movie you saw? Mona Lisas smile
Did you eat too much chocolate over the last few days? Yes, exsessive ammounts
Have you wrecked something of your own in the last 24 hours? No, maybe taking apart the hover
What can you hear now? not much
Think anyone will read/copy this survey? Probably not
There was a song you heard today that rocked, what was it? Yesterday, the whole of Muses Album rock!
New technology you don’t see the point in? GM crops
If you were one of the seven dwarfs? Sleepy
Something designed for kids but you love it anyway: Adventure play grounds
Last thing you said to a stranger? Thank you very much
Two weird chat names you’ve seen? "if a duck looks like a duck and sounds like a dunk it probably is a duck" and "subcity radio Glasgow 106.7 FM from 14/02/04"
What time is it? 10:15
Name three pieces of trash around you: None sorry
If you were given the chance to see evil, would you? No
If you could choose your talent, what would it be? Never putting my foot in it
Have you ever seen suicide? no, but I know of it
Have you ever tried to fool someone? all the time
I hate the following: Nothing, but many things piss me off
Can you stand being alone? Yes, but not for too long
Favorite kid movies? Sound of Music
Do anything artistic today/yesterday? Yes look at my painting and decided some of it was too dark, some too light and that I should start painting the backgroud.

Have you
1. Done any drugs? no
2. Drank alcohol? yes
3. Fallen in love? yes
4. Fallen in love online? no
5. Met someone from online? sort off
6. Tried to set a bug on fire with a magnifying glass? Yes!
7. Torn off a lightening bugs light and smeared it anywhere on your body? No
8. Made a snow angel? yes
9. Dreamed you could fly? no
10. Ever had a job, if so what? No paid work, just volentry stuff, doing whatever I get asked to do
11. Bungee jumped? no
12. Felt betrayed? Where you able to forgive them? yes and no
13. Seriously contemplated suicide? sort off
14. Attempted suicide? no
15. Been in a car accident? yes
16. Had a close friend to die? sort of
17. Had a close family member die? yes
18. Seen the eiffel tower? yes, been up it
19. Seen the statue of liberty? no
20. Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell? yes
21. Stolen anything? no
22. Gone out with someone for their looks? no
23. Their reputation? no
24. Met anyone famous? yes
25. Been on radio or tv? yes
26. Been on stage? yes
27. Intentionally hurt someone? prabaly, it was prabably one of my brothers
28. Dumped someone? no
29. Been dumped? no
30. Been to Europe? Yes!
31. Been convicted of a crime? no
32. Been in a mosh pit? maybe
33. Been asked for an autograph? no
34. Loved someone so much it made you cry? no
35. Cried over someone of the opposite sex? yes
36. Cried over someone of the same sex? yes
37. Had toilet paper stuck to your shoe? yes
38. Been caught with your fly unzipped? yes
39. Had your pants fall down in public? no
40. Been in a fight? yes
44. Cheated on someone? no
45. Hitchhiked? no
46. Picked up a hitchhiker? yes
47. Had your appendix and/or tonsils removed? no
48. Gone skinny dipping? I went knicker and bra dipping!
What CD is in your CD player? Muse
Are you cold? no
How are you sitting? yes
Is there music on? no
If so, what song is it? n/a
What time is it? 10:25
Where are your parents? Liverpool

How old will you be when you graduate high school? I was 18
Are you going to get married? One day
Is there anyone you'd wish it would be? someone else on some occastions
Are you going to have children? loads of them
What will you name them? names
What kind of car will you want to drive: Landrover defender
What kind of job will you have: One I like
What kinds of animals will you have: a cat and maybe a horse
What's your expectations for when you're 25? to have got there without a breakdown
HAVE YOU EVER Filled out a survey this long: no!


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