This week I was thinking about giving up blogging, firstly, I am no longer in the teenage girl age braket that Fraser said all bloggers were. Secondly, I cant be arsed as I have so much work to do. Anyhow, I was persusing and found Wendy's blog and you know what I thought (this is soo cheesey by the way) that some one who has been important in my short life (allowed me to follow them around when I was little) is interested in what I am doing or at least the comments I have to make on what I am doing. So I am not going to give up just yet.

I mentioned I few entres ago about I funny story from Cricket Training. Its hard to explain but here goes. I was just standing around watching the boys doing feilding, as a punishment for missing catches, they had to do press ups which the coach did with them. Any how, not sure if coach noticed I was watching, but he duely stripped off and did his press ups with no top on.......

I had a text message from a friend this week that read "Amy, I have new boobs." That was shocking. Not been able to text her back because I really don't want to be rude about it and I can't really say I approve. To make matters worse, this is the same friend who told me whenever I asked if she wanted to come the pub that she couldn't coz she had no money. I don't really approve of plastic surgery unless there are medical reasons or severe depression behind it. The problem that I have with this friend getting it is that men only really talk to her because she is pretty and wears reveiling cloths. Now I think this is going to be worse. Why are bodies and particularly the "ideal" womens body still so important. Why is it that most men won't consider talking to a women unless she has the "ideal body." And why after the Feminist revolution do women still feel they are inadequate because they don't have small waste and big boobs. There is a Chanel/Dior suit in the V & A from the 1930/40s that has a 18 inch waste on it, is that what women still think they should conform to?


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