Its all very well me having a month (and a bit off) good time to catch up with friends etc, but I can't find nowt to do. Friends all have jobs or boyfriends or no money and so I have very little to do apart from becoming reaquainted with day time television and watch my brother going through the anguish of A Level exams and waiting for a reply for his uni application to UCL without being able to help him.

I have decided that if I can't get a job after uni in the field I want it in (SNH or EN sort of position would suit me if anyone can help) I will become a property developer and buy houses that havent been decorated since the 1970s, do them up and then sell them on for profit which can be pumped into the next house I buy and so I will slowly work me way up from Kenny in L'pool to Aighburgh in L'pool....... I will just have to win the lottery or something first so I have somesort of funding.

Monday, I put myself though pain in the name of preventative medicine. Not an imunisation. I have to get it done every three years. Men be glad that you dont have a similar proceedure coz your equivelant hole is much smaller ;-)


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