I have just played four hours of cricket in two days, I am feeling a tad worse for wear, sleep maybe needed.

As some of you may have noticed there is a small box in the corner of my blog which allows people to communicate with me. It is often used and mainly by people I know. I had two messages in my inbox today from the same person (and I am not sure who that person is). I have put them below:
who are ya? = Tim
what you thinkin? = I think if you have too much spare time, you need to come over
for a beer.
who are ya? = Tim (you have to guess which)
what you thinkin? = I think you also need spam free forms on your blog :)

I think in the whole of my life, I only know four people called Tim, three of them are in SAGGA and the other one is my sort of cousin. I am sorry if I have met another Tim and I don't remember you but I am looseing brain cells by the day and names are something that I easily forget. It is also assumed that I know enough about computers to know what a "spam free form" is. Well I don't. Although I do know what SPAM is.

Tomorrow, we are going to watch films. I should maybe start to get on with the work I have been given.


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