Wow, what a difference a day can make.

I went into Liverpool town centre to spent some of my "Christmas money" I brought, a bra (and what a shock that was), a travel guide to Ireland for my Easter holiday, a 1:50,000 map of Glen Clova, some black thread and some face wipes.

Tonight my dear friends (and maybe some randoms) I got a text message off one of my "friends" and what a difference that made to my mood. A picture may tell 1000 words but a text will let it be known that you are being thought about.

Iran is in pieces. I have been watching this story on ravel on the BBC News website (see link opposite) and it reminds me of the major earthquake in Turkey a few years ago. In the aftermath of the Turkey quake a BBC journalist said "earthquakes don't kill, corruption kills." I am sad to say that the gulf between LEDCs and MEDCs (less and more economically developed countries) gets bigger and not smaller and that no matter how much "we" try to help nothing will change until the world bank and other such organisations make trading throughout the world fair.

The Baghdad Blogger (see link opposite) has been telling an interesting story. Why I wonder hasn't it been over the British news that the "coalition" forces have been bombing Baghdad? I have ranted enough for tonight, so I will leave you with that unanswered question.

P.S. What was so bad about Lady Di having Dodi's baby?

P.P.S Those who know Tedward will be interested to know that he has been writing to the today program claiming to be a 49 year old living in Germany (Saturdays letter re: Policeman shot dead)


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