Okay folks, I am going to attempt to write something witty and amuzing and hope I don't get done for libal.

Since last week I have done very little. The main block of my time was taken up by the tedious task that is revising. But now that my exams are over I am glad I did it.

Saturday night was the music society concert. The Orchestra attempted to play Coplands Rodeo and we (the choir) attempted to sing Saen Sons (I know its not spelt right) christmas oritorio. Apparently we had rave reviews in the Dundee Courier, but the jounilist obviously had never heard either before (yes I know I am harsh).

I reached a level of stressness on Sunday night that I haven't reached for a long long time which wasn't help by my flat mate telling me that "its just an exam, you can resit."
"well, actually" I wanted to say "these are degree exams and being so means I can't resit and as I want to get a first I have to do really well." But I didn't, I went to bed (at 9pm).

Tonight I am going to see Good Bye Lenin at the DCA and then it's our flat christmas dinner (pre theatre menu 3 courses for £11).

The equestrian club has decided that they want to do a calander in the style of the WI women and I said "I'll only do it if I can have the biggest horse in front of me." Some of the girls were suggesting just standing with crops to cover their nipples (REH definately won't be able to get this up at school anymore!).

The cricket club on the other hand are hoping to hold a slave auction in Febuary and I am organising it which means I don't have to be sold, yey!

Christmas is nearly here, and I know I have no fixed religon but it does piss me off with this whole commercialisation of it all. Yes the gifts are nice but its the whole idea of Jesus coming to save the world that is turly important isn't it?! I got thinking the other day though at the rehersal for the university carol service! What happened to those intermediate years of Jesus' life? Between becoming a teenager and reaching about 30? And why didn't Mary and Joseph have any more children, they didn't have access to contraseptives and I bet they weren't celebat, why was that bit of the story missed out?

Oh yeh, Everton are playing truely badly and the only reason that we are out of the bottom three is on goal difference.

Thanks REH for doing that this for me! I have no regrets of writing it. Although I have yet to have a response from it.


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