Last night I visited el cino to watch Jeremy Hardy vs the Isreali Army. It was great but it made me think... Tony Blair seems to be all up on saving oppressed people yet he hasn't lifted a finger about Palestine (by the way the Gaza strip is the most densly populated part of the world). Isreal get up on their high horse about terrorist yet they seem to forget that this state of theirs was only created because terrorist activity by the Zionist which forced the British out. Everyday in the occuplied teriories the Isreali army is breaking the Geneva convention. When this happened in the Balkins we sent in troups, why not do it now? We are most certainly living in a world were "everyone one is equal although some are more equall than others." George Bush is turning our so called "socailist" leader into even more of a right winger than he was already. I am soooooo not impressed

Oh and back to the film, if you like Micheal Moore then you'll like Jeremy Hardy's film.


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