I have had a good weekend. I finished most of my essay (Image processing: why, what and How?) on friday night (I forgot about the bibliography though). I got up early on Saturday morning (6 am) and got a train over to Glasgow, where I was met by Stephen. We then drove over to Loch Lomand and climbed a hill. Dispite the weather everything looked very pretty and the views were great. Maybe we can do Ben Lomand next time?! Entertianment for the evening was a film (with lots of swearing but no voilence) and pass the pig plus a home made chinese and "some" wine.

Sunday morning I got a train over to Lenzie and saw the Haselers. I am glad that Eleanor is continuing her hatred of me from SAGGA camp... Micheal enjoyed playing the "pass Eleanor to Amy game and see if she cries". I had a nice and relaxed time and Morag cooked the most loveliest meal I've had for a while.

Yesterday I had another driving lesson, my 3 point turn went a bit wrong, but my reversing around a corner and reverse parking was good. My horse riding lesson on the other hand was a different matter. I was learning to canter... I only did it twice but both times I was close to loosing my seat. The first few times are the worsest so I should be getting better each time after. I was back on Morgan who is a nice horse and is easy to get to do what you want to do.

Today I am waiting to get my essay back from my proof reader. And I am going to the Whetherspoons to get things for the cricket nightout orgainised.


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