The BBC website for Liverpool has a how scouse are you test. If I answer untruthfully, this is the result I get:
Sunbed slapper
Well Done. you have a voice that only dogs can hear and the morals of a touring rock band. You are always "kickin' off" about something and enjoy listening to your scally boyfriend talk about his fights at the weekend. You spend all your money on fake tan and those plastic claws on your hands. Hit the clubs and hase footballer husband, those blonde highlights don't pay for themselves you know.

If I do it truthfully here is the answer:
60's throw back
Congratulations your still living in the mid 20th century. If you could marry vegetarian quiche you probablly would, your spiritual home is in Keith's on Lark Lane where you can be spotted on a Sunday afternoon working on your Novel and reading the Guardian. You drick around Hope Street and your best mate is the guitarist of a band that once supported a group that were inspired by The Beatles.

I am not sure that that is an accurate discription of me either...

My second driving lesson was c**p, stalled a few times and kept forgetting about the break :)


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