Today, I have mostly been having my electricity borrowed by the flat above (I am going to get it paid for though) and been arguing with BT... (when I got to speak to an engineer, he agreed with me and the problem was no longer a problem).

I have also been sitting and enjoying the sun.

I went on Monday to watch the Pirates of the caribien and very fine it was too, although there was no mention of training days in nice hotels in hastings (the million dollar radio show).

For the past three weeks I have been trying to return the call of someone who left a message on my voicemail while I was in Sweden, I am starting to think that they really don't want to speak to me as I keep getting redirected to the voicemail (how hum, I suppose that is life).

Today I went out to buy some stamps and end up with a chocolate bar, a drink, and two videos (one is an christmas present for one of my brothers, the other is the Princess Diaries for me..............)


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