Last night the three places I had to be in quickly became four and then three again... I went to where the scout and guide club said they were going to meet at 8pm, wondered round and then waited for 15 mins, I then gave up and went onto task number 3, did that for an hour and then went and sang (kareoke in the union).

This was waiting for me in my in box today:
The lecture was planned to last more than 50 minutes? Do they want to fry your brains?
Yes they do want to fry my brains, all our lectures are 1 hour and our workshops are 3 hours! This could explain my habit of afternoon naps.

On friday the uni music society is attempting to break a world record the fastest production and performance in the world (we have to beat 23 hrs and 55 mins) and I with my beautiful voice shall be taking part...


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