Well what an exciting day I have had. Or not really. I better tell you what happened. At about 1030 the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. Half an hour later (and after I had played on most of the things in the local play park) we were still outside, a little long for a normal fire test thingy. Next thing women comes out with a megaphone. We are having a security alert. Someone phoned and said they had planted a bomb in our building. For me this was like being back in primary school where in the late 80s/early 90s bomb threats had been a regular occurance. There was no where for any of us to go so we were sent into town and told to return at 1200 to see if everthing was clear. Sadly, I had to go to work in the afternoon :-(

My Hungarian lesson for this week was canceled, I didn't really understand the reason, but I have been given a video of a childrens cartoon about a fox. Very exciting as you can imagine.

I am currently looking for car insurance. It isn't good being under 25 and holding your licence for less than a year, cheapest I have had so far is £373ish. Mr H and I just have to sort out the hand over etc.


At 8:49 pm , Blogger Mad said...

I saved mega-bucks on my car insurance by adding Rob as a named driver - they obviously make the assumption that couples drive more safely than singles! For some companies, he didn't even have to live at the same address. Good luck - car insurance can be a bitch! :-)

At 9:42 pm , Blogger Biscit said...

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At 9:47 pm , Blogger Biscit said...

I must be paying for the priveledge of having a family sized car. I never use to save money from having an extra driver, but usually it's seen as safer when you can share the driving.

At 8:26 am , Blogger Amy said...

Your removed comment Simon really made me smile ;-)

At 8:28 am , Blogger Amy said...

Other thing we are going to test is just adding a second car to Tim's insurance with me as primary driver (I am already on his existing lot).


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