Apparently, I can get get an ASBO if I answer the door in my dressing gown... Unbeliveable... This morning Eric stopped me answering the door to the postman because I was in my PJs and dressing gown, I was probably wearing more clothes than most women in Liverpool do on their nights out.


At 12:11 pm , Blogger Andy said...

Just how anti-social are your PJs?

At 4:25 pm , Blogger Amy said...

My PJs cover from my ankle all the way to my neck and unless you don't like Peanuts they ain't anti socail.

At 9:47 am , Blogger Biscit said...

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At 9:50 am , Blogger Biscit said...

I think Eric was talking about this woman who has an ASBO for answering the door in her underwear.

Which is a bit more extreme and her neighbours do seem to have it in for her.

What puzzles me is- why do you have a door in your dressing gown?


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