Last night, I watched Jerry Springer the Opera and it was excellent. What I don't understand is all the fuss that has surrounded the beeb showing it. Why protest now, why not protest when it first arrived in the west end? Or has the christian (and muslim) communities taken up the band wagon started by the sikh community in brum before christmas in a fight against free speech.


At 10:59 am , Blogger Biscit said...

I suspect there was a protest when it was on at the West End, the protest here was over it being brought to a wider audience that didn't have to make the effort to buy tickets and go out and see it. On the other hand the protests came mostly from MediaWatch UK who are a bunch of loonies.

It was entertaining though very childish in places, you can tell Stuart Lee had a hand in writing it, and there was too much swearing- there were places where it would have been very funny or have greater impact to have a character swear if there hadn't been so much of it going on throughout.


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