It is out of season but despite this, I am the proud owner of a ball shaped bruise on my inner thigh... I really don't have any hand to ball coordination, infact I have no coordination full stop, maybe I should go for dyspracia test one day :)

I have sort of finishe my disseration only one last proof read needed and this time next week (fingers crossed my printer doesn't die) it will have been handed in, yey!

I found these in the Guardian today, rules for modern living:
Wrong numbers
• You should not accept or continue a phone call if a shop assistant is serving you.
• You should never text anybody while in the middle of a conversation.
• You should always monitor your volume when chatting on your mobile.
• You should only send email round robins in extremis.
Traveling right
• Stop for pedestrians at pedestrian crossings.
• On public transport, allow people to alight before you board.
• Do not put your feet up on the seats.
Good lovin'
• Do not smooch in the company of others.
• Always dump in person, not by text, fax or email.
New age
• If you go through a door first you should always hold it open for those who follow.
• Offer your seat to the elderly, but don't assume they'll want it.
• Offer your seat to a pregnant women.
Social works
• If invited to someone's house for dinner, don't be one of the ungrateful fed.
• Don't drink more at a party than you brought.
Child's play
• Do include little Emily and baby Jack when addressing Christmas cards to their parents.
• Never tell somebody else's child off in front of them, or criticise adults for their poor parenting. Except when you should.
And while you're at it...
• Do not undertake.
• Wipe down gym equipment after use.
• Stick to the swimming lane that's right for you.
• Remember that neither the cinema nor the theatre is your front room.
• Don't punctuate your sentences with profanities in public.
• Don't think "I was here first" is a trump card.

I think I agree with most of these, especially the mobile phone ones. I know several people who text while your supposed to be having a conversation with them and it is very very annoying. The swimming lane thing is one of my grear stress in life, I always end up going when the pool in unlaned because I am too fast for the medium fast lane and too slow for the fast lane and at the uni pool, the lanes aren't wide enough for over taking :(


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