I am a pink liberal, well at least according to both of my brothers. Maybe I need to explain more fully. I am a liberal who doesn't mind other peoples views just as long as they are the same as mine. I do not mind people who are different as long as they are the same as me. Apparently I am a middle class girl who likes to think that I am working class.

I am not sure how different this description is from me as a person and my political veiws. I am certainly not working class however I wouldn't claim to be middle class, maybe I am from the proffesional class. I would say that I was liberal, but I also like to think I am a socialist (I don't beleive in private schools or hospitals, I do believe in a living wage). I do get pissed of by veiws that I don't agree with and quite possibly don't understand. Maybe this is because I have not seen enough of the world and maybe because I don't have religion or the likes I will never be able to accept different people.

On the other hand though, during my years in school I wasn't accepted, I might have some serious physcological problems caused by years of torment that have led me to be unwilling to accept those who are different!

Anyhow, I don't think that I am a "pink liberal." Although, I don't quite know what I am yet, at 21 years I am still discovering what I am and what my lifes aims are. Maybe I will find religion or maybe I may just get a bum in the oven and end up a single parent on the dole. Which ever direction I go in, I will be happy :-)


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